Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Suffer Tinnitus – Allowed:

It is important for people who have tinnitus to abide by the following insructions.


  1. Adopt a more quit and relaxed lifestyle and avoid stress. Also getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential.
  2. Do daily exercise and practice relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to improve mood, and reduce stress and depression.
  3. Maintain healthy eating habits and eat small meals at frequent intervals every 2-3 hours.
  4. Prefer to take a vitamin E supplement.
  5. Prefer to have foods that are rich in magnesium, melatonin and vitamin D.
  6. We advise you to use a natural distillate.
    Tip: preparation method: add 2-3 sliced cloves of garlic to a small cup of olive oil and Stir-fry on low heat until garlic reddens.
    Then, you should take it of the heat and wait until it cools down. Afterwards, you should filter the oil and put it into a dropper.

    Prefer to put 2 drops in each ear twice a day for a whole week.
    Note: You may feel pressure or obstruction in your ears when you first apply the drops, but it will soon fade away.



  1. People with tinnitus should drink an infusion of dried thyme and fenugreek.
  2. Boil 1tbsp of each of the following: oregano, coriander, rosemary, sage and cinnamon in 4 glasses of water for 15 minutes. Cover the pot tightly to prevent exit of steam. Drink an amount of 3 glasses a day of the solution for 3 weeks.
  3. Prefer to drink ginger tea unless you have high blood pressure then you should avoid it.
  4. Consume an amount of 1 small cup of olive oil throughout the day (you can add olive oil to your food). Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids.
  5. Prefer to drink natural apple vinegar and mustard oil to avoid tinnitus.



  1. Preferably, eat fresh fruits and vegetables at least twice a week.
  2. Consume vegetables like avocados because they contain non-saturated fat and is considered a tonic for the brain.
  3. Consume foods that have high content of B vitamins including vitamin B-12 such as leafy greens, sprouts, root vegetables (ginger, sweet potatoes, carrots), and fruits including apples, pears, and papayas).
  4. Prefer to consume vegetables that have high content of vitamin E such as broccoli, watercress, lettuce and parsley.
  5. Take cordyceps mushroom 3 times a day.
  6. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin A such as pumpkin and pineapples. It was found that vitamin A deficiency aggravates tinnitus.
  7. Prefer to eat onions, garlic, and basil because they all help with tinnitus.
  8. It is very important to have 1 mashed clove of garlic 2-3 times a day.


  1. Prefer to consume whole grains, beans, and nuts twice a week.
  2. Consume foods that contain non-saturated fat such as tahini and sesame because they are considered a tonic for the brain.
  3. Consume foods that have high content of vitamin B such as whole grains (whole rice, oatmeal, quinoa) and legumes (lentils and bean). You can add ground cumin this may help with flatulence and gases.
  4. Prefer to eat raw nuts, sesame, lentils, black beans, and lotus seeds because they all help with tinnitus.


  1. Consume foods that are recommended for everyone including people with tinnitus. Prefer to eat fish twice a week.
  2. Fish contains non-saturated therefore it is a tonic for the brain.

Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Suffer Tinnitus – Prohibited:

  1. Caffeine because it aggravates tinnitus.
  2. Smoking and alcohol.
  3. Stress and tension.
  4. Loud sounds and noises.
  5. Salt because it clogs blood vessels, causes hypertension and reduce blood flow in the ears, which increases the severity of tinnitus.
  6. Sugar because it increases the severity of tinnitus.
  7. Flavorings that are found in processed and canned food because it damages and causes death of nerve cells, which leads to tinnitus and at times-even deafness.
  8. Cold meals, uncooked food and cold beverages.
  9. Foods that contain saturated fat such as fried food because it decreases blood flow. In the case of tinnitus, the patient needs all that increases the blood flow to the inner ear to detoxify and keep the cells intact.
  10. Processed meat and dairy.
  11. Aspirin and some antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, gentamicin and tobramycin.
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