Mrs Wafa is A Few Steps Away From Overcoming Cancer

Overcoming tumors is a dream for most patients with cancer! But with Hekma Center, anything is possible. Read the story of how Mrs Wafa is a few steps away from overcoming cancer.

On September 28, 2020, Mrs. Wafa contacted us, describing her health condition accurately. She also told us about the pain, fatigue and the mental state she had because of her health condition.

After talking to the doctor about her condition and providing us with the biopsy results, we found that Mrs. Wafa has breast cancer called “carcinoma.”

We provided the patient with the suitable package for her condition.

Overcoming Cancer Overcoming CancerA Few Steps Away From Overcoming CancerA Few Steps Away From Overcoming Cancer

A few days later, on October 3, 2020, Mrs. Wafa purchased the package.

A Few Steps Away From

On the next day, we received the payment and immediately shipped the package to Mrs. Wafa.

A Few Steps Away From

Mrs. Wafa purchased several packages as a result of the remarkable improvements that had. On February 08, 22021, she undertook medical examinations. It is worth noting that it was less than a year from taking Hekma Center’s products.

The results of her new tests, compared to the previous ones, indicate a significant increase of the natural values. The most important one was the value of neutrophils, which was very low in her previous tests.

Furthermore, there was a noticeable improvement in the immune system. On the other hand, the symptoms of hormonal therapy started to reduce significantly.

All these changes in Mrs. Wafa’s condition are signs of a significant improvement.

Overcoming CancerOvercoming CancerA Few Steps Away From Overcoming Cancer

After seeing the positive results, Mrs. Wafa purchased another package. She also ordered the hair loss package because she had confidence in Hekma Center’s products.

On April 10, 2021, Mrs. Wafa said: “I had no back pain for almost two weeks, and I take long walks and work at home without getting tired.”

Overcoming Cancer

Continuous Improvements

On November 16, 2021, the patient sent new reports indicating that her condition was still improving.

Dr. Sarah said: “Thank God, according to what appears from the results of the radiology, there is a decrease in the activity of cancer cells in the breast. The lesions in the bones also decreased. Most importantly, there was no new cancerous activity. You are noticeably overcoming this disease.”

The doctor explained to the patient that the rate of improvement compared to previous reports is 40-50%. She also mentioned that her improvement rate compared to the start of taking this package is 85-90%. The percentage also includes the reduction of the spread of the disease in the bones, which also gives a logical explanation for the disappearance of her pain.

steps from overcoming

steps from overcoming cancercancercancer

On the other hand, after her personal doctor reviewed the results of her last tests (November 20, 2021), he told her that he was surprised by the results and that her improvement rate was up to 99%!!

Dr. Sarah assured her that she still has some time to achieve this result, and she is definitely on the right path. There is little room to improve and what her doctor told her was because he was amazed by these results. Dr. Sarah said: “your test results and medical reports are fantastic, your immunity is very good. and in general everything seems to be fine!”

From Overcoming Cancer

A Few Steps Away From Overcoming Cancer

A Few Steps Away From Overcoming Cancer

Congratulations, dear Wafa, for your determination to improve. You are a few steps away from overcoming your disease, God willing.

Hekma Center staff will always wish you good health and wellbeing.

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Note: The results may vary from one person to another.

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